Clinique de Valère

The site is well situated in peaceful, green surroundings at the centre of Sion, in the ”Pratifori” district, and covers an area of 2,421 sqm. It lies about 400m from the railway station. The district is a mix of residential and commercial properties, mainly apartment and office buildings. The “Sion, Clinique” bus stop is close to the complex. Infracore owns the building housing Clinique de Valère (71 beds) and has a leasehold contract on the land with the city of Sion. The hospital is in above-average overall condition and the rooms have been recently renovated.

Clinique de Valère building
Gare 27
Clinique de Valère building

The hospital was built in 1936 and has undergone two extensions, the first in 1971 (east and west wing) and the second in 1985 (basement and ground floor). After an extensive renovations of the building which were completed in 2017, the hospital now features new VIP rooms on the top floor, a new reception, recreation areas, a restaurant and conference rooms, as well as a direct connection to the adjacent building Gare 27.

Clinique de Valère is a multi-specialty hospital and the only one the only in the canton of Valais providing private acute care. Its key competencies are general surgery, plastic surgery, urology, bariatric surgery, cardiology and endoscopy, gynaecology and orthopaedics.

Property name Clinique de Valère
Property type Special property
Main use Multi-specialty hospital
Address Rue Pré-Fleuri, 1950 Sion
Canton Valais
Rental area 3,605 sqm
Construction Year 1936
Gare 27

Avenue de la Gare 27 is a building located just north of the Clinique de Valère. It has a total rentable area of  5,757 sqm and parking for 110 vehicles (33 outdoor spaces and 77 indoor), on a plot surface area of 3,671 sqm.  The property is located in the heart of Sion, near the federal railway. Access to public transport is excellent. The main building was built in 1934 and the rue Pratifori 3 wing in 1995.

Extensive renovation is currently underway. A medical centre, including a radiology centre, will open on the ground floor in early 2019. Medical practices will be opened on the second and third floors, as well as an endoscopy centre with facilities for 9 to 11 outpatients. The building is now connected to the Clinique de Valère by a tunnel and gateway. The staff restaurant and pharmacy will be located in this building.

Property name Gare 27
Property type Commercial property
Main use Office, commercial and residential
Address Rue de la Gare 27, 1950 Sion
Canton Valais
Rental area 5,757 sqm
Construction Year 1934 / 1995
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