Genolier Innovation Hub

A major 10’000 sqm construction project has been launched on the Genolier Healthcare Campus: the Genolier Innovation Hub.

This structure will allow the integration of research advancements into clinical practice. Located at the heart of the Genolier Healthcare campus, the Hub has one ambition: to foster strategic interactions between scientists and physicians, while accelerating the transfer of innovative solutions from research centers to patient bedsides.

To achieve these goals, the Genolier Innovation Hub will host research companies whose programs are in advanced stages of experimental development and which have pharmaceutical substances or devices that can be tested in a clinical setting.

With a dynamic and collaborative environment, the Hub will provide valuable assistance to stakeholders to help them consolidate their research and development processes and optimize the knowledge transfer phases, including in the context of prospective clinical studies.

By bringing together individuals and companies from various fields (Medtech, Pharma, Digital Technology & Bioscience), the Genolier Innovation Hub is open to innovative health companies located in Switzerland and internationally.

Furthermore, facilities dedicated to organizing conferences, meetings, and educational workshops will allow the establishment of education and training models in an innovative environment.

The Genolier Innovation Hub will be operational in September 2024.

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