Clinique Générale-Beaulieu

After 5 years of renovation works, Clinique Générale-Beaulieu has completed its master plan initiated in 2016. Clinique Générale-Beaulieu inaugurated its new infrastructures in September 2021, including new premises for the radiology department, important infrastructures for the integration of the oncology and radiotherapy center, a new restaurant open to the public and a beautiful esplanade to welcome patients.

The clinic has completed a 5-year master plan, punctuated by the renovation of its maternity ward (2017), the extension of its Medically Assisted Procreation Center, the renovation of its lobby, the creation of its restaurant (2018), the creation of a unit dedicated to outpatient surgery, the reunification of its radiology department (2019) and, lastly, by the integration of two new services dedicated to cancer treatment: the medical oncology center and the radiotherapy center (2021). This phase of intensive investment allowed a strategic repositioning of the clinic, which is expanding its ambulatory service offering and confirming its expertise in cancer treatment.

Property nameClinique Générale-Beaulieu
Property typeSpecial property
Main useMulti-specialty hospital
AddressChemin de Beau-Soleil 20-22, 1206 Geneva
Rental area16’176 sqm
Construction Year1983 / 1992 / 2021
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