Privatklinik Villa im Park

Infracore owns two buildings, idyllically located in green surroundings on the main road that crosses Rothrist from east to west. The Rothrist train station is situated at approximately 1.3 km from the property. The nearest bus stop, “Rothrist, Gemeindehaus”, is right next to Privatklinik Villa im Park. The facility can easily be reached by car, with access ramps to the A1 and A2 highways within
a short driving distance from the hospital. The total site area covers 6’968 sqm. 

The first hospital building, the “Villa”, was built in 1903 and extended in 1984. Its total rental area amounts to 2’882 sqm. The hospital is in good overall condition and retains some elements from the original construction. Garages were built in 2007 and the property also offers 18 outdoor parking spaces.

Privatklinik Villa im Park (29 beds) is a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals group, which stands for top medical services, a first-class infrastructure and the highest-possible quality of patient-oriented care. It specialises in orthopaedics, general surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics. Privatklinik Villa im Park also has a maternity unit.

The medical centre “Ärztehaus” has a rental area of 1’438 sqm. The building was constructed in 1805 and extended in 2000. There are 61 outdoor parking spaces on the property.

On behalf of Privatklinik Villa im Park, Infracore built a new building with a rental area of 5’138 sqm, scheduled to open in March 2020. It offers 30 additional rooms with 56 beds, three operating theatres and underground parking for 100 vehicles.

Property name Privatklinik Villa im Park
Property type Special property
Main use Multi-specialty hospital
Address Bernstrasse 84-86, 4852 Rothrist
Canton Aargau
Rental area / New building 4’320 sqm / 5’138 sqm
Construction Year 1903 / 1984

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