Privatklinik Belair

End of 2020, Infracore acquired the building of Privatklinik Belair, located at Rietstrasse 30 in Schaffhausen. The property has a total rental area of 3’303 sqm and a visitor parking. The plot surface amounts to 3’593 sqm.

The property is located northwest of the centre of Schaffhausen, near the old town, in the residential district called « Breite ». The Schaffhausen train station is about 1 km away and the clinic can easily be reached by public transport.

The building was built in 1970. A first expansion phase was carried out in 1993, followed by several renovations and further expansions. Infracore has the ambition to further develop the site and create an additional rental surface of 1’800 sqm, amongst others through the elevation of the main building. The reception areas, day clinic and continuous care facilities will be completely renovated and modernized.

Privatklinik Belair, one of the largest private clinics in the canton of Schaffhausen, is part of the private group of hospitals and medical centres Swiss Medical Network. The establishment is part of the hospital planning list of the canton of Schaffhausen and has 28 beds. The clinic counts 99 employees and 35 accredited physicians.

Property name

Privatklinik Belair

Property type

Special property

Main use

Multi-speciality hospital


Rietstrasse 30, 8200 Schaffhausen



Rental area

3’303 sqm

Construction Year


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