Hangar Infracore

Hangar Infracore is located in the northern part of the Sion airport complex, about 250 m from the terminal’s western perimeter. The city centre and Sion railway station are about 2 km to the west. Buses from the “Sion, Aéroport” stop, about 350 m away, leave twice an hour and reach the centre in about 14 minutes. The nearest highway is just a few minutes away. The building consists of a hangar for aircraft with an area of 800 sqm, a hangar for helicopters with an area of 800 sqm, a two-storey central section with a surface area of 400 sqm containing offices, rooms for staff, workshops and storage, and an outdoor carpark with 14 spaces. The building was constructed in 2014 and is rented by Air-Glaciers.

Property name Hangar Infracore
Property type Special property
Main use Hangar and offices
Address Route de l’Aéroport, 1950 Sion
Canton Valais
Rental area 2’285 sqm
Construction Year 2014

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