Genolier Innovation Hub

An important extension project of 10’000 sqm has been initiated on the site of Clinique de Genolier: the Genolier Innovation Hub.

This entity will bring research advances into clinical practice. Located at the heart of the Clinique de Genolier, the Hub pursues the vision of fostering strategic interactions between scientists and physicians and accelerating the transfer of innovative solutions from bench to bedside.

To achieve these goals, Genolier Innovation Hub will welcome research companies in which programs have reached their late phase of experimental development, with pharmaceutical compounds or equipment ready to be tested in the clinical setting.

Thanks to a dynamic and collaborative environment, the Hub will provide strong support to the stakeholders for consolidating their Research and Development processes and optimizing knowledge transfer phases, also within the framework of prospective clinical studies.

By bringing together, individuals and companies from Medtech, Pharma, Digital Technology & Bioscience fields, Genolier Innovation Hub will provide access to the technical and clinical platforms of Clinique de Genolier, as well as other hospital sites of Swiss Medical Network. In the same way, facilities dedicated to conferences, meetings, and educational workshops will open up the scope of educational and training models in an innovative environment.

Genolier Innovation Hub is currently under construction and scheduled to enter into operation by the spring of 2024.

Property name Genolier Innovation Hub
Property type Special property
Main use Interactive research and development
Address Route du Muids 3, 1272 Genolier
Canton Vaud
Rental area 10’000 sqm
Construction Year 2021-2023

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